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Spotxel® 1.1 Introduces Flex-Spot Method

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21 Jul 2014 - Spotxel® 1.1 with a powerful spot finding algorithm is released.

SICASYS GmbH is pleased to release Spotxel® 1.1 - the microarray data analysis software for antibody, protein, and DNA microarrays. The new version introduces the Flex-Spot method which enables the software to detect spots in microarray images flexibly and precisely. This significantly improves the quality of the software’s data quantification function.

Please also note that the Flex-Spot method will soon be integrated into the PepSlide® Analyzer software, along with the intuitive user interface similar to the Spotxel® software.

Spotxel® is available with flexible and attractive pricing models. You can choose to buy a time-unlimited software license or alternatively a one-year or three-month license with a much smaller price. The software license can be conveniently bought via the internet using the Pricing page.

Download Spotxel® now and use the software with full functionality and support for 14 days for free. Please find more details at the Spotxel® product website If you need further information or would like to customize Spotxel® to your application, please contact us.