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Performance and Multi-tasking Optimization

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28 Oct 2015 – Spotxel® 1.4 optimizes the software’s performance and multi-tasking.

We are pleased to release Spotxel® 1.4. The new version optimizes the performance and the multi-tasking of the software. In particular, intensive tasks such as array alignment and data quantification will run in a multi-tasking mode with a full processor, so that the task will finish at the maximal speed. In addition, during these long-processing processes you can still zoom and scroll the images as well as view the properties of the blocks and the spots. Several bug fixes are also included in the new version.

The improvements of the new version, together with the advanced spot finding, noise processing, and automation batch processing, make Spotxel® one of the best-quality microarray image analysis software. With flexible and affordable pricing Spotxel® is the most cost-effective microarray image analysis software solution for microarray users.