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PepSlide® Analyzer 1.4 Released

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04 Apr 2013 - PepSlide® Analyzer supports analysis of peptide libraries for GAL files.

SICASYS GmbH is pleased to release PepSlide® Analyzer (PSA) version 1.4. We will soon contact our customers for the update. The new features are summarized below.

The first new feature is very useful for GAL file users. If peptides of a peptide library are spotted into some GAL blocks, the user can easily reconstruct the peptide library. The peptides can be then read along with the quantified data of the peptide microarray. This automation saves the user a lot of time and avoids manual mistakes. Furthermore, the user can use PSA analysis methods to find meaningful information from the peptide library, as well as to discover the relationship between the peptides and/or samples with PSA data mining tools.

The support for GAL files is detailed in the product’s website. Please note that in most cases we support the customization to the user’s data. Simply contact us if you need another way to handle GAL files.

Second, the user can conveniently define a global background value for the entire microarray, or flexibly choose an individual background value for a peptide library or a block. This is done by means of background controls. The background value is obtained from the microarray image’s signal where the control is located.

Third, when replication is used in the microarray, the data quantification procedure includes the intensity values for each feature in addition to those for its replicas. Furthermore, the quantified data for replicas are presented next to each other. This feature is thus useful for the quality control of the microarray.

The new version also includes many bug fixes.

PepSlide® Analyzer is the microarray image analysis software that offers both quantification of microarray data and statistical data mining. The software specializes in peptide microarrays, but one can flexibly use it in other microarray applications. Its distinguishing feature is analysis of peptide libraries. By combining the information how a peptide library is generated for an application and the quantified data, the software is able to provide meaningful information with respect to the application.

PepSlide® Analyzer runs on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms. You can download and evaluate the software with full functionality and support for 30 days for free. Visit PepSlide® Analyzer website to learn more about the software. If you need further information, please contact us.