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Introducing New Product Spotxel®

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07 Jan 2014 - Introducing new product: Spotxel® Microarray Data Analysis Software.

SICASYS GmbH is excited to introduce our new product Spotxel® - the microarray data analysis software for antibody, protein, and DNA microarrays. You can use Spotxel® to:

  • analyze microarray images and quantify the array data,
  • automate the tedious task of array alignment and data quantification for a large number of images, and
  • discover features that influence your microarray study and the relationship between them.

From now on, we develop two related software products and provide support to their users:

  • PepSlide®: Software for designing and analyzing peptide arrays and compound arrays.
  • Spotxel®: Microarray data analysis software with focus on antibody, protein, and DNA microarrays.

The users will benefit from features commonly used in both products; improvements to Spotxel® will be made available to PepSlide® and vice versa. On the other hand, features specific to each platform, such as advanced analysis for peptide array applications by PepSlide®, will be further developed. Our goal is to have the software do as much low-level tasks as possible, so that you can save time, focus on your findings, and discover more from your study.

Spotxel® comes with flexible and attractive pricing models. You can choose to buy a time-unlimited software license or a term-license with a much smaller price. Spotxel® works natively on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms. The Beta version will be released in January 2014, and the stable version of Spotxel® 1.0 is scheduled to be available in February. Furthermore, we plan to support Spotxel® on mobile platforms in this year 2014.

Please find detailed information at the Spotxel® product website You can start requesting for the free trial version. We will send you the download information when the Beta version is released.

If you need further information or would like to customize Spotxel® to your microarray platform, please contact:

Dr. Khoa Vo
SICASYS Software GmbH
Im Neuenheimer Feld 583
D-69120 Heidelberg
Phone: +49 (62 21) 7 28 50 40
Email: info(at)