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Consistent Background Correction at Different Levels

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08 Aug 2013 - PepSlide Analyzer® supports consistent background correction at different levels.

PepSlide Analyzer® 1.4.27 improves the quality of array data quantification by supporting different levels of local background correction. These include the Spot Family level, the Block level, and the Global level. The support is done automatically by the software. Simply perform the data quantification and the user will benefit from a consistent background correction for all spots in a block, a spot family, or the entire array.

If the local background correction is not suitable for some specific array data, background controls can be used instead. By placing a background control at some region in the array image which best represents the background signals; the user can conveniently apply a consistent background correction - with a background value of choice - to the entire array, a block, or a spot family.

With these supports PepSlide Analyzer® can now provide the user with a consistent background correction at different levels: the entire array, a block, or a spot family (equivalently a peptide library). It can be done automatically with the local background correction methods, either for a single array image or in batch processing of multiple array images, or manually using background controls for some specific array data.

PepSlide® Analyzer supports microarray data analysis and is particularly suited for peptide arrays and peptide microarrays. The software provides tools for quantification of microarray data as well as statistical data mining. Its distinguishing feature is analysis of peptide libraries. By combining the information how a peptide library is generated for an application and the quantified data, the software is able to provide meaningful information with respect to the application.

PepSlide® Analyzer is natively supported on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms. You can download and evaluate the software with full functionality and support for 30 days for free. Visit PepSlide® Analyzer website to learn more about the software. If you need further information, please contact us.