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Array Alignment and Batch Processing

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01 Jul 2013 – Development of the Array Alignment and Batch Processing functions is completed.

SICASYS GmbH is pleased to inform you that we have finished the development of the Array Alignment and Batch Processing functions. They automate the time consuming tasks when processing multiple microarray images – the array alignment and the data quantification - and thus free the user from this tedious work.

Given a scanned image and the array annotation file of a microarray, the Array Alignment function finds the spots in the image and automatically aligns the array to them. This associates the spots’ signal in the image with their annotation data, which is required for the quantification of microarray data.

The Batch Processing function enables the user to specify a set of microarray images and their array annotation file, and then let the software perform the array alignment and data quantification for all the images. The batch processing is fully automated; it does not need any user’s involvement during execution and can be run e.g. at night or during the weekend.

The Array Alignment and Batch Processing functions are being tested on antibody microarray data with PepSlide Analyzer® 1.4 – The current release of the software. Upon completion of the testing, we will support these functions for peptide array and peptide microarray data. They are planned to be available in PepSlide Analyzer® 1.6.

PepSlide® Analyzer is the microarray data analysis software that offers both quantification of microarray data and statistical data mining. The software specializes in peptide arrays and peptide microarrays, but one can also use it in other microarray applications. Its distinguishing feature is the analysis of peptide libraries. By combining the information how a peptide library is generated for an application and the quantified data, the software is able to provide meaningful information with respect to the application.

PepSlide® Analyzer is natively supported on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms. You can download and evaluate the software with full functionality and support for 30 days for free. Visit PepSlide® Analyzer website to learn more about the software. If you need further information, please contact us.